Tutorials Overview

RCMES Tutorials

As described in the RCMES Software Overview and on the Getting Started page, RCMES provides a sequence of tutorial resources of increasing complexity - CLI, CFs, OCW.  The following highlights the basic purpose of each of these resources and provides links to their associated tutorial resources.

  1. Command Line Interface (CLI) - this tool is only meant to provide the user with a broad overview of RCMES workflow concepts and not for learning how to perform tailored model-observation comparison and analyses. 
  2. Configuration Files (CFs) are the means to carry out more tailored RCMES analysis.  The examples highlighted in the tutorials are derived from peer-reviewed publications (e.g. CORDEX analysis by Kim et al. 2013) as well as other analyses that utilize various NASA observation and model products, obs4MIPs, CMIP models on ESGF,  etc.
    • Configuration File for Kim et al. (2013a) -  Evaluation of the CORDEX-Africa Multi-RCM Hindcast: Systematic Model Errors.
    • Configuration File for Kim et al. (2013b) -  Evaluation of the surface climatology over the conterminous United States in the North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program hindcast experiment using a Regional Climate Model Evaluation System.
    • Configuration File for example analysis NASA's Dynamic Downscaling Project - Part I
    • Configuration File for Example CORDEX Arctic Analysis
    • Configuration File for obtaining CMIP5 model and obs4MIPs observation data from ESGF
    • Configuration File for Example NCA CMIP Analysis - Work in Progress
  3. Advanced Analyses are typically composed of a Configuration File approach and more direct use of Open Climate Workbench (OCW), the underlying software layer of RCMES, and in some cases a user's custom python code. 
    • Configuration File for Statistical Downscaling Training
    • Configuration File for example analysis NASA's Dynamic Downscaling Project - Part II - Work in Progress
    • Configuration File for Loikith et al. examination of temperature extremes - Work in Progress