Tutorials Overview

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  1. Command Line Interface (CLI) - this tool is only meant to provide the user with a broad overview of RCMES workflow concepts and not for learning how to perform tailored model-observation comparison and analyses. 
  2. Configuration Files (CFs) are the means to carry out more tailored RCMES analysis.  The examples highlighted in the tutorials are derived from peer-reviewed publications (e.g. CORDEX analysis by Kim et al. 2013) as well as other analyses that utilize various NASA observation and model products, obs4MIPs, CMIP models on ESGF,  etc.
  3. Advanced Analyses are typically composed of a Configuration File approach and more direct use of Open Climate Workbench (OCW), the underlying software layer of RCMES, and in some cases a user's custom python code. 
    • Working Example for Lee et al. 2017 (currently under review) NCA CMIP Analysis - Work in Progress
    • Configuration File for Statistical Downscaling Training
    • Working Example for Kim et al. 2017 NASA's Dynamic Downscaling Project - Part II
    • Working Example for CORDEX-Evaluation
    • Working Example for Slinskey et al. (currently in prep) NASA INCA efforts to utilize extreme precipitation indicator - Work in Progress