RCMES and Data

The RCMES Toolkit provides access to a vast range of observational datasets for model evaluation! 


The RCMES Toolkit can access dozens of observational datasets (see Database overview) including those based on in situ observations, remote sensing, and several reanalysis products via the RCMES Database. Additionally, RCMES can access data stored and distributed by the Earth System Grid Federation.  This capability includes access to the large number of remote sensing observations provided by the obs4mips project. 


Users are welcome to provide their own model data to be evaluated within the RCMES Toolkit.  Additionally, through access to the Earth System Grid Federation, RCMES users can access CMIP5 and CORDEX model data directly from the web.  More information on model access can be found here.


**All data is interpolated to a common grid and subset to a common spatial and temporal domain within the RCMES Toolkit, facilitating easy multi-model evaluation.**