RCMES Partners

The RCMES team is collaborating with a number of national and international efforts related to both the climate and data science. We will highlight four such efforts on this page.


CORDEX is a WCRP-sponsored program to organize an international coordinated framework to produce an improved generation of regional climate change projections world-wide for input into impact and adaptation studies within the AR5 timeline and beyond. RCMES is working with the CORDEX Africa, CORDEX E. Asia, CORDEX S. Asia, CORDEX C. and S. America,  and CORDEX Middle East - N. Africa (MENA) communities to define how the tool can be used to assist in the CORDEX model simulations.  Read more...


The NSF ExArch project is funded by the G8 Initiative and focuses on developing an Exascale suite of software and tools for analyzing climate data from models and observations.  RCMES provides important use cases and benchmarking capabilities, along with a development context for reaching for ExaScale capabilites.  Read more...


NARCCAP is an international program that serves the high resolution climate scenario needs of the United States, Canada, and northern Mexico, using regional climate model, coupled global climate model, and time-slice experiments.  RCMES capabilities provide the means to support the evaluation of the models contributing to NARCCAP (e.g. Kim et al. 2013; Lee et al. 2014; Loikith et al. 2014).  Read more...


The National Center for Environmental Information (NCEI) is a key resource for procurring, curating and utilizing in-situ and satellite data sets for climate analysis over the US. We have partnered with NCEI, namely Dr. K. Kunkel to work to the following two goals for the ongoing US NCA process.  The first is to utilize their relatively new nClimDiv high-resolution, in-situ data for variability/trend analysis and model evaluation.  The second is to infuse the use of satellite data into their evaluations of climate models used for regional cilmate change projections over the US.  

Apache's Open Climate Workbench

RCMES is powered by Apache's Open Climate Workbench (OCW) which provides the underlying data processing engine.